FMSCUG 1708 Meeting Notes

  • 16 August 2017
  • Scott Erickson

8/10 Meeting Notes:

New logo design by @sirbittle unveiled

Free SCCM Training by Matthew Teegarden, who will be our special guest next month

Thanks to Adam Bertram for providing a copy of "The Pester Book" to give away.

The Holy Grail of Driver Management Demo

Ctrl + Alt + Delete Enforcement in an Imprivata Onesign Envrionment

  • 8 August 2017
  • Sean Huggans

I had this challenge today: Enforce Ctrl + Alt + Delete being required at log on and unlock. This is easy to do via group policy normally (Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL), except in environments that have computers with Imprivata Onesign (single sign-on) Agent installed on them, where this setting has to be turned off to allow a badge tap or fingerprint read to automatically unlock the workstation.

Control Panel Crashes Windows 10 after the 1703 Upgrade

  • 5 August 2017
  • Sean Huggans

After installing the Windows 10 Creators update on my 8460w, I noticed I couldn't open control panel. When I tried, it would freeze up everything and then close, and windows explorer would restart shortly after that. This ended up being the IDT Audio driver I had installed. Once I uninstalled that from add/remove programs, everything is back to normal. I would suggest uninstalling the IDT audio drivers in a pre-flight check step/group for any upgrade task sequences pushed out to avoid this unpleasant surprise!

ConfigMgr TP1706 Released

  • 25 June 2017
  • Scott Erickson

A new ConfigMgr tech preview is out and it has a ton of really great features to try out in your lab. Some of the big ones are the ability to run scripts on demand on endpoints, HA for the primary site server role, file/path trusts for device guard, and Surface driver updates coming through like regular Windows Updates. See below for a link to Microsoft's list of all the changes, and a link to my blog for a run through of how the run script functionality works.

Microsoft Anti-Malware (SCEP) Engine Vulnerability Footprint

  • 9 May 2017
  • Sean Huggans

With the announcement of the Microsoft Anti-Malware engine client vulnerability (CVE-2017-0290), I posted a query you can perform against your site/CAS database to quickly show versions of the SCEP engine you have out in your environment. Click here or go to the query library to get it!



Server 2016 Certificate Authority and SCUP

  • 14 February 2017
  • Sean Huggans

Thought I'd throw up a blog entry about an issue I encountered last night. I am in process of moving my home lab over to a complete server 2016 environment and used it as an opportunity to start fresh with it all... I noticed when I went to set up my Certificate Authority so I could set up System Center Updates Publisher that the certificate never showed up in the list.

Compressing SCCM FMSCUG Driver Installer Packages to Save Space and Bandwidth

  • 28 November 2016
  • Sean Huggans

You may notice in many cases that the method of driver installation utilizing the FMSCUG Driver Installer results in very large packages, in some cases up to 4GB depending on the model, while other times the package may be more around the 400MB mark. For smaller packages, this is fine, however if you are like most SCCM administrators, you don't want to take up the space and/or kill WAN links distributing large packages for each model. There is a solution - and it's called 7-Zip!

FMSCUG Driver Installer - General Availability

  • 11 November 2016
  • Sean Huggans

I would like to announce the general availability of the FMSCUG driver installer, which is free for use within your task sequences to automatically launch scripted driver installs. This application gives you a new option for installing drivers which allows you to utilize your vendor's EXE format drivers (or other formats really), avoiding timely imports into SCCM, and allows you to utilize the power of scripting in order to install the drivers with any logging/switches you want.

Failed to Import Boot Image into SCCM after ADK Upgrade

  • 12 September 2016
  • Sean Huggans

Writing this to help any out who may be encountering this issue. I upgraded the ADK in my test lab this weekend, and when I imported the new boot images into the console, it failed with the following message: "The specified file can not be imported. Make sure the file is not read only and you have read and write access to it." The fix for me? Reboot after you update the ADK. Once I rebooted, I was able to successfully import the new boot WIM.

Boot Image Driver Servicing Tool

  • 23 August 2016
  • Sean Huggans

Hello all,
Just finished up the initial version of a project I started over the weekend I am calling FMBIDST (short for Boot Image Driver Servicing Tool); It's a GUI for DISM (with a few things like retries, etc. on errors). You can use this to add drivers into your boot images without having to wait on the SCCM console or having to remember DISM commands.

Link to the ZIP file with 32-bit and 64-bit installers in this post

Have fun!