Question for the group:

Does anyone use BGInfo? If you don't what do you use in it's place?

We did a pilot for it a while back; we ended up not going forward. Our users were pretty attached to their custom wallpaper and didn't want us covering up their kids' pictures with hostname/ip information.

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FYI, BGInfo can stamp itself ontop of an existing background (makes a new image out of the bginfo data + the current image). Doug F. set this up here - I'll let him know to check this and comment.

At a previous workplace, I used BGInfo as part of my standard setup for servers - super useful there. Another previous workplace, the server team did the same (It's were I got the idea).

Yeah we did the stamping the previous background thing, which inevitably covered up the most important part of someones wallpaper. Host info over the kiddos faces and all that. Our helpdesk didn't seem too keen on it anyway so we sort of let it die instead of pushing back. If I recall we also ran into weird scaling issues with our high DPI devices and multiple monitors, but that was a couple years ago at this point and may no longer be an issue.

That being said, server guys use it at our place too, as it definitely makes sense there.

I am worried I will need to fix it every other day because its not applying the way it should on the Surfaces in our org. Scott B reminded me about the PC Info that's used at Sanford that might be interesting to try.